Before writing professionally, I spent twenty years in corporate headhunting. I like business. I’m a capitalist. But headhunting, like any other industry, is replete with bullshit, evidenced often by meaningless jargon.

At the grey-suit firm where I once worked, we “executed critical hiring mandates,” I suppose because “filling jobs” seemed an anemic justification for our considerable fees. Like most other workplaces, we explored our shifting paradigms from a thirty (or was it fifty? or ten?) thousand view and took it offline before pivoting to the new normal. I say we because, though I’d love to tell you otherwise, I’ve more than once been in the fray with a bandwidth here and a circle back there. (But never synergy. I’ve always mocked synergy.)

So, when I encourage writing clients to communicate with clarity and sincerity, know that it’s a case of do as I say, not as I’ve (sometimes) done.

Words matter in business and in life. And one of the best ways to get noticed and have people respond — in a good way — is simply by choosing words more carefully and not sounding like everyone else. People rarely give a shit when they’ve heard it all before.

That’s why I’m here: To help you write things in a clear, human voice that is all your own, whether you want to keep it light and edgy or a little more buttoned down.

So, welcome. Please pop in on this page now and then and steal something you can use. And hit me up if you want to chat about writing something — a report, website, blog post, or proposal — that someone will appreciate.