What do you want the world to know about you? Why should customers care? Faced with innumerable physical and digital storefronts, why should someone choose you?

What’s your truth?

Are you unique? Not in the unconsidered way most companies and service providers self-refer, but in the uni-means-one reality where nobody else does what you do. That unique.

What’s your truth?

If not unique, are you rare? Do you produce or perform something existing yet uncommon in the market? Rare is not unique, but it’s valuable, and it matters. Is that you?

Is it your “people” or that you “put the customer first”? Okay, prove it. What, specifically, is it about your people — their backgrounds, skills, experience, or approach — and how exactly do you treat the customer? Because everyone says it, don’t they, that it’s about their people and customers? Can you take it past platitude?

What’s your truth?

If not unique or rare, how else are you interesting or different? What’s your process? Your perspective? Are you entertaining? Thought-provoking? Irreverent and courageous?

The harder you contemplate and question your truth, the more compelling the world will find your story.

Need help unearthing and sharing your best truth? Let’s dig.