What I Write

I write for real people and companies who appreciate the value of sounding human and who understand that you can’t stand out by blending in.

I sometimes write in long form (trade journals, investigative pieces, features, periodicals, and investor and annual reports). Sometimes I help sell stuff (think web copy, proposals, brand journalism, white papers). I also show up in craft breweries, and I help people who have a message to share but who have neither the time nor inclination to write it on their own (corporate communications, speeches, and blogs).

But whatever I write, it’s grounded in clarity, brevity, and utility.

Why Me?

You’ll never hear me say that I know what’s best for your business. You live and breathe your business every day; you obsess over its every murmur. But I do know business, having consulted for many years to scrappy entrepreneurs and to executives in the Fortune 100, across many industries.

It won’t take me long to understand who you are and where you fit, and to then distill your essential elements into copy that captures your target audience’s attention. My approach is disciplined and research-driven, and I’ll work with you to arrive at messaging that meets your specifications, but that might also test your willingness to explore the edges. After all, exceptional is rarely found down the middle.

So, if you’re willing to engage with me in an honest dialogue about not only the story you need to tell, but also your challenges, your dreams, and what makes you different, I’ll help you find your voice—one that is refreshingly honest and concise, and that draws the right kind of attention.

And much like you obsess about your world, I’ll obsess about your words to make sure you’re happy with what we create together.

I make your story stronger by getting to the point.

I understand business, and that counts when it comes to helping you get people off their asses.

I don’t take your trust lightly. I’m structured but I don’t follow a script. I’m creative. I do my homework. And while aiming for the bulls-eye I’ll also test your appetite to explore the edges. Because sometimes the middle — comfy though it may be — sucks.

I’m not for everyone. I’m as selective about who I work with as you should be, because time is too valuable to not spend it with good people who care about doing things better.

Our work together is about you. About making you more credible. Relatable. Profitable. It’s not about me trying to dazzle you with my wordy brilliance.

But, for best results, you’ve gotta jump into the fray and lock arms with me in a real conversation about who you are, why your story matters, and why others should pick you from a sea of so much beige.* If you can do that, we’ll have fun creating smart, crisp messaging that your audience will appreciate and respond to.

Anyone can put a bunch of jargon on a page. But you’re not just anyone. You have a story tell, and together we’ll make it pop.

How I Write

It’s time to dispense with vacuous corporate jargon, clichés, and advertising double-speak, and instead respect your audience by creating messaging grounded in honesty and clarity.

People — your customers, colleagues, shareholders, board of directors — are inundated daily, if not hourly. From loudest-person-wins social media babble to empty marketing promises to lifeless internal policy memos that “thank you in advance,” our worlds are filled with forgettable noise.

People deserve honest and informative messaging that is worthy of their limited time, and that offers something useful, something different. And they deserve it in plain English.

The good news? Escaping the herd often begins with simply communicating from a place of humanity. By being relatable, clear, and useful, you’ll have a head start.

Any topic can be approachable, regardless of your field. And keeping it simple doesn’t mean stripping it of intelligence or removing all insider code. Your writing project might demand a measure of industry vernacular or technical specificity, and that’s okay – we can do that.

But if your audience doesn't understand it, trust it, or know what to do with it, what’s going to make them care?

People deserve to not be fed bullshit.

But people — the ones you want to reach — get hit in the face every day by high-calorie, non-nourishing communicative nonsense: carnival barking on Twitter and clichéd listicles on LinkedIn. Forty-page same-as-the-last-suit sales proposals. Jargon-soaked corporate reports and websites crammed with an ass-ton of nothingness.

And that’s bullshit.

People deserve better, starting with honest and informative messaging that gets to the point and is delivered in plain language.*

This is good news for you.

Want people to pay attention and respond? Stop sounding like a robot. Be honest and respect people’s time and intelligence. Explain exactly how you make the job easier, inventory more accurate, or the beer taste better. Be easy to understand. Be relatable.

Any topic can be explained clearly. Doesn’t mean you have to dumb things down — simplicity doesn’t mean your concept is simple.

But if people don’t understand, trust, or know what to do with you, why should they give a damn?

Clients & Contact

Here are some organizations I’ve worked with.
(Yes, I ended that sentence with a preposition. I’m not afraid to logically split an infinitive, either.)

3form, Best Buy, Carter Hales Design Lab, Eos Lightmedia, Hootsuite, Korn Ferry International, LightArt (a 3form Company), Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC™), Moxie's, SAP, The Super Co., Tinhouse Brewing, Upstart Co-Lab, and Vancouver Airport Authority (YVR).

If you want to know what I can do for you — or even if you just want to discuss baseball, Leica cameras, Elmore Leonard, or where to find the best ramen. — just say hey!